UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination publishes recommendations on Greece

UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination publishes recommendations on Greece


We feel very gratified by the just uploaded recommendations to Greece on racism by UN CERD as they address even topics that only we advocated and for the first time (on 3 and 4 August 2016): Turkish minority in Rhodes and Kos, blasphemy laws, decriminalization of hate speech, ban of Golden Dawn (in addition to the usual positions on recognition of ethnic minorities and discrimination against Roma).

IMADR summary on Greece

Although the Committee welcomed the recent efforts of the State party in its fight against racial discrimination, the Committee asked for data, figures and outcome of the policies implemented in order to assess the real progresses. In particular, information on the draft National Action Plan on Racism and Intolerance developed by the National Council against Racism and Intolerance was requested. The Committee welcomed the measures to improve anti-racism laws. Several questions were raised in regard to minorities and other ethnic groups such as Roma, Macedonians and Pomaks. Special attention was given to the situation of Roma and the State party’s measures such as in housing and education to improve their conditions. Concerns were raised in regard to extremist xenophobic groups in the country such as the Golden Dawn, and the Committee asked what actions are taken in line with the article 4 of the Convention. The Committee expressed concern on the reform of articles in the criminal code concerning racist hate speech and hate crimes. The Committee questioned the State party about protection measures for migrant workers from labor exploitation and racist attacks. The situation of refugees and asylum seekers, especially their conditions in detention centers and the situation of unaccompanied minors, was repeatedly raised by the Committee. Read more (English/ French) default_external link. NGO meeting (English/ French)default_external link. In concluding observations default_external link, the Committee issued recommendations concerning following areas:

Austerity measures;
Statistical data;
Situation of minorities
Anti-racism legal framework;
Implementation of anti-discrimination provisions;
Racist hate speech and hate crimes;
Blasphemy laws;
Mixed migratory flows: migrants, asylum seekers and refugees*; and
Labour Discrimination of migrant workers and persons belonging to ethnic minorities*.


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