Greece continues to foster and promote anti-minority behaviors

One month after the attack of Golden Dawn MPs and militants against a debate on minorities in Athens, organised by EFA member party DEB, and the Greek authorities are yet to conduct a thorough, transparent and impartial investigation to bring the well-known perpetrators before justice.

Commenting on the situation, EFA President Francois Alfonsi underlines: “For yet another time, we have witnessed acts of violence during a debate organized by a minority party in Greece. The perpetrators are the same and well-known to the Greek state and para-state. Yet, the results always remain the same. No one ever gets to be held accountable for these despicable acts. The people who disrupted the event of our member party DEB were identical to those who did the same back in 2009 during the presentation of the Macedonian –Greek dictionary, organized by our other member in Greece, EFA-Rainbow. The only alarming difference is that now these fascists are members of the Greek parliament. This fact alone speaks on how worse things have become for minorities in Greece.”


This text in Greek

This text in Turkish


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