Guardian’s irresponsible news on Turkey’s referendum and Greece’s Turkish minority

The story below was posted in the evening of 16 April  2017. We -and probably many others- pointed out to the Guardian’s special editorial email for errors the message below. The Guardian did not reply and most importantly did not correct what was termed by us as deliberate fake news. After we published the “fake news” conemnation, the Guardian published the correction below; hence we changed the title from “fake news” to “irrseposnible news.”

“This is ridiculous and false. Minority Turks in Greece (who are less that 100,000 by the way) have no voting rights in Turkey. The 76,75% for No was for the 701 Turkish citizens who voted in Greece out of an electoral population of some 10,000 mots of whom though being expatriates from the Greek minority in Turkey do not participate in Turkish elections. All that is well known: and Such misinformation seriously affects the credibility of your corespondent and in the end of your newspaper. I am looking forward to your reaction. Best wishes.”

guardian fake news turkish referendum 16-4-2017

guardian corrected news turkish referendum 17-4-2017


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