One thought on “IHEU to EP “Time to repeal European Blasphemy Laws, Now!”

  1. Katreina 19 June 2018 / 20:38

    In turkish prison a guy from greek minority from Pontus Yannis Vasilis Yaylali- forsed to be turk and grey wolf to kill Kurds – he is 16 months in prison as blasphemous to Kemal Attatourk- that genocided 353000 indigenous ancient races in Pontus Armenia assyria( all christians)and to Erdogan. His wife Meral Geylani a kurd was in jail too for five months. Tamer Cilingir another greek from Pontus minority that lives under fear oppression and ekturkism was 10 years in jails tortures electrochoc now he is refugee in Helvetia but half blind from hunger strike in jail. If Muslims minorities in our homeland wants respect they sould Stop genocides and crimes against humanity,invates and tortures and Stop asking more Victimize themselves for…fun. Violations of any human dignity in turk big race isn’t like Greek that born democracy of course. We can’t stand on others nationalism against ourselves . If some masochistic people likes it we respect our selves and people. We arent rubbish as they try to inform you

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