Greece: Who is responsible for the suicide of the prisoner?

Greece: Who is responsible for the suicide of the prisoner?

Efimerida Syntakton 6-7-2019 by Anta Psarra
[translated by GHM from the original in]

The young woman who had murdered her father in June in Agia Paraskevi hung in her cell.

The woman, who, with the agreement of a prosecutor and investigator, was temporarily detained and transferred to the women’s prisons of Korydallos, attempted to commit suicide immediately after her action, while in the past she had attempted to kill her father and had very serious mental problems .

Unfortunately, extremely worrying in this case is not only that she eventually ended her life in the cell. The extremely worrying fact that the investigators are directly responsible for is how and especially why, while this woman had been transported from prison and hospitalized in Dromokaitio Psychiatric Hospital because of her serious psychiatric problem, the prosecutor ordered her return to prison a totally inexplicable decision.

According to information, this was done without prior consultation with the psychiatrists of the department where she was hospitalized.

Would it be too much to note here that without even having a trial, a young woman was almost condemned to death sentence?

Certainly, clear answers and thorough investigation are needed because no one’s life can be expendable in a supposed rule of law.

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