INACH Annual Report 2019 (with reference to Greek Helsinki Monitor)

Our Greek member, Greek Helsinki Monitor, mainly focused on launching criminal cases against extremists and other spreaders of cyber hate. Their biggest success is getting nine such cases to trial during 2019. These cases are the following:


· Against an extreme right newspaper for a front-page article with the title “Transvestite Parliament – Beat all ‘sissies’ – this abortion of a law [on civil unions] was voted by 148 ‘perverts.’”


· A former Foreign Minister who said in a television interview that “The only good Turk is a dead Turk. I believe it because I haven’t found a good Turk. They lack elementary knowledge. The Turk does not have a sense of the law.”


· At the time a member of the Political Committee of New Democracy who wrote in a post that “being gay, bi, and trans is a perversion and unnatural.”


· The leader of a marginal left party who wrote a conspiracy theory article stating inter alia that “[arriving] illegal immigrants are suspects for terrorist acts” calling for a “general rebellion.”


· An extreme right blog which published a hoax alleging that “Video shock: Pakistani fanatics declare jihad in Greece – small children are initiated in the use of weapons” – the video is from a school play in the celebration of a Pakistani national day.


· At the time, the Deputy Minister of Education who said in a speech before Parliament inter alia that “with patience and perseverance Jews secured the ownership of the Holocaust so as to claim their vindication.”


· An extreme right columnist and an extreme right blog who published in front pages an article with the title “Parliament a Jewish Synagogue!!!” when a commemorative plaque for inter-war Greek Jewish MPs victims of the Holocaust was inaugurated in Parliament.


· A notorious author and self-professed Nazi for the manifesto of a new movement he founded where he asked for “the deportation of all Muslim minority members who identify as Turks.”


· A front-page article in Golden Dawn’s youth publication with extreme anti-immigrant references and a call for violent action against them.


The GHM was also recognised for their work by the government’s top lawyer. On 25 October 2019, the Greek Government Agent for the ECtHR and President of the Legal Council of State, Ioannis-Constantinos Halkias, publicly praised our member: “Greek state agencies and services involved must cooperate closer with the Council of Europe monitoring bodies or with independent bodies dealing with human rights, such as the National Commission for Human Rights or the Greek Helsinki Monitor since many times their views are closer to the case law of the ECtHR.” (…)

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