26/06/2018: Believe it or not! It’s my right!

believe it or not it is my right


25/06/2018: At the UN, IHEU calls out populist leaders promoting homophobia and hate

Non-believers: three videos, three perspectives: the world, Europe, refugees

Posted on the 15/06/18

A few weeks back, we organized an event to discuss the situation of non-believers in the world at the European Parliament. This was a landmark meeting as it was the first time that high-level EU officials clearly acknowledged the issue of the discrimination and persecution of non-believers in the world.

At the occasion of this meeting, we asked some of our partners to tell us a bit more about their thoughts concerning non-believers in the world and in the EU and we summarized their answers in the three short videos below.

First, we asked them to tell us about the situation of non-believers in the world.

Second, we asked them to share their views on non-believers in Europe.

Finally, it is our very own President who shared his views on these refugees who come to Europe because they flee the intolerance in their home countries linked to their life stances.

For more information on the event itself and its outcomes, please visit the following page: Persecution of non-believers is a serious issue, says the EU.

Είναι βλάσφημο να μην καταργείς τη βλασφημία

by ThePressProject
Εκτός των καθημερινών επιθέσεων και παρενοχλήσεων από παραθρησκευτικές οργανώσεις, οι συντελεστές της παράστασης «Jesus Christ Superstar» στο Θέατρο Ακροπόλ είναι πλέον αντιμέτωποι και με μηνύσεις για βλασφημία. Με όπλο δύο άρθρα του Ποινικού Κώδικα, σε ισχύ από το 1951, που προκαλούν συχνά την αντίδραση διεθνών οργανώσεων, η ελευθερία του λόγου, η σάτιρα, ακόμα και η διατράνωση της διαφορετικότητας, αντιμετωπίζονται με ποινικές διώξεις. Και η ελληνική κυβέρνηση, που πριν ενάμιση χρόνο εμφανιζόταν έτοιμη να προχωρήσει στην κατάργηση τους, μάλλον το έχει… ξεχάσει.